A Florida doctor faces felony charges after he allegedly infected patients with a sexually transmitted disease

A Florida pediatrician who allegedly infected children with herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases with light fixtures and bathroom fixtures was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday.

The Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office said Gerald “Gerald” Gartner, 57, of Winter Haven, pleaded guilty Wednesday to felony counts of aggravated sexual assault and criminal sexual conduct with a child under the age of 12.

Gartner was sentenced Wednesday to five and a half years in federal prison.

Gartners attorney declined comment.

The charges against Garters parents came after a report by a Palm Beach police officer last year.

In March, the officer wrote in a report that Gartney and his wife, Karen, told him their son had been sexually assaulted by his ex-girlfriend in March 2013.

They said he then had herpes.

The officer told Gartnners son that his parents could be in trouble, according to the police report.

Garthner told investigators that the two had been dating for a few months, the report said.

The officers report showed that when the officer went to Gartons house, he found a light fixture in his bedroom.

It was not labeled.

The report said Gartnings wife did not recognize it as a fixture.

The report said the officers later found a glass window that had a light on it.

Garts mother, who declined to be identified, told the officer that her son told her that his ex girlfriend had told him about herpes and told her not to tell anyone.

She said Garts son told them that his dad had herpes and that his father was afraid to tell his mom about it.

The girl said that her father told her to hide the herpes from Gartns mom.

Gartener told the police that his son had herpes when he was 11, the police wrote.

He said he got the herpes after his dad told him to wash his hands, the paper said.GARTNER has been employed at a pediatrician’s office since 2004, according the report.

He is currently employed by a medical facility.