A new kind of home security system: Apple’s ceiling light apple

Apple announced Tuesday that it’s introducing an iPhone-sized ceiling light to its HomeKit-powered home automation platform.

The light is the company’s first floor-mounted light that can be used in conjunction with other lighting features.

Apple will start selling the ceiling light in four to six months, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The device comes with two cameras, which capture a 360-degree view of the ceiling, and will let you control the light from within the iPhone.

You can control the ceiling via Siri, Apple’s smart assistant.

The ceiling light has a “power” button on the side, which you can use to adjust the brightness.

Apple’s ceiling lighting is different than other home security products that you might have seen on other home automation platforms like Nest, Amazon’s Hue, and HomeAway.

Unlike the Nest lights, which use infrared sensors to detect objects, Apple uses LEDs to illuminate the ceiling.

A small LED in the light dims when it detects a room is too dark.

Apple says the light also uses a camera to identify objects, which in turn makes it easy to locate and interact with other devices on the ceiling (such as remote control bulbs).

The ceiling light also includes “smart home” features, like a built-in microphone, a Wi-Fi remote, and an NFC tag.

Apple has included “smart thermostat” features to let users set the temperature based on their home’s proximity to the ceiling and thermostats can be connected to the device to automatically adjust the temperature.

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