What to know about the ‘greenest’ U.S. cities in 2020

As the United States heads toward the hottest year on record, some of the country’s greenest cities are turning green.

Here are 10 of the most green cities in the country.


Denver, CO (0.75% CO2) The Mile High City is among the greenest major cities in America, according to data from the Environmental Protection Agency.

It has achieved the highest CO2 emissions per capita since 2009, according a recent report.

That’s despite being the second-highest CO2 emitter in the nation behind Seattle, where it’s currently at 5.8%.

Denver also has the third-lowest average temperature in the U.N. database, which measures air pollution at 37 degrees below the 20th percentile.

The city is among a handful of major U. S. cities to make the top 20 in CO2 emission per capita.

Denver is home to a variety of environmentally friendly projects and initiatives, including a $40 million green infrastructure fund and a partnership with the city’s public transit system to bring light rail service to the area.


Miami, FL (0) Miami is home of some of Florida’s most diverse and environmentally friendly neighborhoods.

The Miami-Dade Community Board 4, for example, has established several initiatives to reduce air pollution.

The board also serves as a hub for community groups and businesses to promote green development, like the Miami Heat Foundation.


Seattle, WA (0%) In 2016, Seattle became the second largest city in the United Kingdom to reduce CO2 pollution, according the British Environment Agency.

This was thanks to a new, environmentally friendly way of shipping waste that the city has embraced, including an emissions-reducing plant that converts waste into electricity.

“The new plant is part of a new program to convert waste from the city of Seattle to a low-carbon source of electricity that can be generated and used by the city and the public,” said Sarah Fong, the city administrator.

The plant was recently certified as CO2-free, and the city is now building on its success to make CO2 reduction even more efficient.


Denver (0% CO) Denver is one of the more green cities nationwide.

Its residents and businesses have been taking steps to make their neighborhoods greener.

The City of Denver has invested in green technology, including planting a rain garden and installing solar panels.

The area is also home to the Denver Art Museum, which has hosted numerous art exhibits including a mural by the artist Tadao Watanabe that uses reclaimed wood from a local landfill.


San Francisco, CA (0 ) The city of San Francisco is one the most environmentally conscious in the world.

Its green initiatives are part of the city government’s Climate Action Plan.

Its climate-smart program aims to reduce carbon emissions from vehicles, power plants and industrial facilities by 50 percent by 2030.


New York City, NY (0 percent CO2/person) NYC is the second most green city in America after Boston.

Its efforts to reduce emissions have been lauded by the U,S.

Clean Air Task Force.

“New York City has been one of America’s green leadership leaders,” said Scott Begg, a member of the group.

“Our efforts to improve our environment and climate are helping us build a safer, more prosperous world.”


Chicago, IL (0 % CO2 per capita) Chicago is one that has a history of green initiatives.

The mayor of the City of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, has called on the city to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

The Chicago city government has also partnered with the nonprofit Climate Action Alliance to set up a new greenhouse gas-reduction plant, dubbed the Green City Project.

The new plant will reduce CO 2 emissions by 60 percent compared to the city average by 2030 and by 70 percent compared with the average by 2020.


Seattle (0/0) Seattle has been known for its green initiatives for a long time.

Its first green building was the “Green Roof” at its airport, and it also started a recycling program that encourages businesses to recycle, and its Green City Program, which aims to cut CO2 by 70% by 2030, is one step in the city going green.


Seattle is home not only to its iconic skyline, but also a variety and variety of natural and man-made wonders.

The Seattle Space Needle, for instance, is the largest solar array in the state, and is the first one ever constructed in the region.


Los Angeles, CA(0) Los Angeles has been a pioneer in environmental sustainability, with a $1 billion program to help improve air quality and reduce CO and NOx pollution.

And it’s no surprise that the region has some of its most green and green-friendly neighborhoods.

For example, the Los Angeles Regional Transportation District (LARAD) has an ambitious goal of reducing CO2 and NOX emissions by 90% by 2050.

The district has also launched

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