Christmas lights will be fitted on Christmas tree at Irish Parliament

An Irish Parliament Christmas tree will be given a festive makeover this Christmas season.

The Assembly of the Republic of Ireland will be decorated in red and white Christmas lights on a tree which will be placed outside the State House in Dublin.

An Assembly of Ireland Christmas tree in Dublin, Ireland.

The tree will also be illuminated by a Christmas Tree Light Company, which is owned by the Government of Ireland.

In the wake of the Brexit vote, the Government has promised to replace the existing Christmas lights at the Statehouse with LED ones, which have been installed by the Irish Light Company.

In addition, the Assembly of Irish Nations (AIN) will be lighting up the State house for the first time in the year.

The Government says the changes are aimed at helping the assembly maintain its festive atmosphere while reducing emissions and protecting the environment.

“The lights will also help the Assembly maintain its unique position as the first assembly in the EU to use LED technology,” a Government statement said.

“As a result, it will have a lower carbon footprint than its predecessors and it will emit less heat.”

A number of other measures will also benefit the Assembly, including a number of measures to increase insulation in buildings and ensure they are more energy efficient,” the statement said, adding that the Government will introduce a new lighting standard for the Assembly.”

We are also committed to ensuring that the Assembly’s green light standards are maintained,” the Government said.

The move comes as the Irish Government considers whether to invest in green energy and a new fleet of green taxis.