Halo lights, car lights to be installed at South Sydney football ground

Posted July 24, 2018 09:05:46A South Sydney Football Club player is set to become the first Indigenous footballer to wear lights at a football ground.

Jack Withers has been selected to wear the iconic Halo lights during Saturday night’s match between the Rabbitohs and South Sydney at the AAMI Park.

The club said it was a “natural progression” for Witheries to be the first player to wear them at the home of their club.

Jack’s dad, Ken Witherson, said the decision to wear Halo lights was “a natural progression” after his son had “made it clear to everyone that he is proud of his heritage”.

“He’s done it all, he’s had his hands in the ring, he has worn the colours on the back of his jersey,” Mr Withersson said.

“He has been a part of the Indigenous community and he has made his contribution and he is doing it now to make a positive impact on the football club.”

Jack Wethers’ father said Jack was excited about the lightsThe Witherses’ win over the Rabbitohmies was their first at home in seven matches, with the victory coming on the same day Jack joined the club.

The game was delayed to allow the players to warm up before the match started, and the match was then postponed for an emergency medical examination.

Jack said he had not been able to sleep, and was very excited about wearing the lights on Saturday night.

“I’m not a big fan of the colour blue, but I think the lights are pretty cool,” he said.

“It’s a cool colour to wear and it’s going to be cool to be seen with the lights and it just adds to the atmosphere.”

The lights are currently being installed at the Rugby Football League club’s ground, with Jack expected to wear two at a time, but his dad said it would be a long-term commitment.

“It is a lot of work and the boys are in a good place with their work,” he told News24.

He said it took a long time for the team to get used to the lights, but they were pleased to have them now.

“We’ve just got to get it right, we have got to be able to play football at the highest level, and then we can just get on with it,” Mr Ken Wetherson said.

The lights will be installed by the Rabbitowi Rugby Football Club and will cost about $15,000.