Trump: ‘We Are Not All Evil’

Donald Trump on Tuesday accused the “vast right-wing conspiracy” that is conspiring to oust him of having been behind his loss to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“We are not all evil,” Trump said in a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

“We have to be smart about it, we have to have a strategy, and we have a very smart strategy.”

“We need to build up our military, we need to rebuild our military.

We need to be very, very strong in our borders.

And we need strong borders,” he added.

Trump also said that he was confident that the Democrats would “not do anything to hurt” his presidency, despite their “obsession with the Clintons” and the “rigged” election system.

“They have an obsession with the Clinton family and with the system.

And they’re trying to do everything to hurt me,” Trump declared.

“I am so confident, because I have done it so many times.

I can do it.

I will do it.”

Trump, who has been vocal about the need for a more aggressive military posture since his election, also slammed the media for their “unfair coverage” of his campaign.

“It’s like a bad soap opera.

It’s just really bad,” Trump told the audience.

“And if they really want to hurt the country, then they should just take it to the press and be honest about it.

They don’t want to do that.”

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