Which Christmas lights are you getting for the holidays?

The Christmases lights were once the crown jewel of the light industry, and now they’re just a distant memory.

But in a new report by The Jerusalem Times, it’s the lights from a solar deck light system that could make the biggest comeback.

The company, based in the United Kingdom, is currently testing out a solar-powered Christmas light system in a New Jersey building and plans to launch it commercially in 2018.

It’s a small but exciting addition to the industry, with the company hoping to capitalize on the growing demand for solar-lighted homes.

The system uses a single solar panel to generate energy, and then turns that power into an LED display.

In addition to Christmas lights, it can also be used to illuminate other lighting applications such as Christmas tree decorations, carollers, and holiday decorations.

In an interview with the Times, CEO Daniel Krosa said that the company’s solar deck lights have become so popular that the solar panels have to be shipped to the U.K. each time it’s needed.

This means the solar panel is installed every few weeks, and the energy costs have dropped significantly.

It can also produce more light than a conventional LED, Krosah said.

The system uses the same solar panel as a traditional light, but with the added benefit of using less power.

For example, it only needs to use a single LED for each light.

The solar deck system is also designed to last longer than traditional LED systems, Konsa said, which can help the lights last longer.

It’s not the first time that Christmas lights have made a comeback, and it’s not going to be the last either.

Last year, the Christmas lights made their triumphant return, thanks to the success of a Kickstarter campaign that raised $3.5 million to buy lights from an Ohio manufacturer.

This year, Christmas lights will once again be available for the festive season.

The lights are still expensive, however, as the solar deck technology is only available for use in buildings with solar panels.

The company is currently seeking investors to help it launch a commercial solar system, which could come as soon as next year.