Austin’s patio lights are going up at the end of October, but will you be able to enjoy them?

A few months ago, the city of Marfa, Texas, announced that it was getting rid of a light rail system and replacing it with a new system that would use LED lighting to replace the aging light rail lights.

The new system will be installed in 2019.

It’s expected to cost $2.4 billion and will be built at a cost of $4 billion, with the money coming from a bond issue.

The bond issue will be paid for with $1 billion in tax revenue, which is the city’s goal.

But, a city spokesperson told Wired that the bonds will not be available until 2020, which means the city will have to borrow money from the bond issue to pay for the lights. 

The project has been a long time coming, with initial plans to install a total of 15,000 LED lights to replace 5,000 old lights in 2017.

The city has said that it would need to borrow $5 billion for the system to be completed, and the bonds are expected to bring in $2 billion.

The project is scheduled to start by 2026. 

So, how will this work? 

The system will consist of two lines, which will run from the city center to the city outskirts.

The first line will have 8,000 lumens (the lightest) and the second line will use 6,000 lights.

Each line will be connected by light poles.

The lights are supposed to last for two years. 

What will be the lighting used for? 

Lighting will be used primarily for the night sky, which includes stars and constellations, and for public events.

It will also be used to provide information about the city, and people will be able use the lights to get directions. 

Will there be an entrance fee? 


How will the lights be operated? 

There are no fixed costs for the lighting.

Instead, it will be up to the public to pay, with no monthly or annual fees. 

Who will use the light rail? 

Those who live in the suburbs, and those who live near the city. 

Where will the system be located? 

It will be located near a park that is being developed by the City of Marfans. 

Are there plans to upgrade the rail system? 


The light rail project has already been approved by the city council, and a vote is expected to be taken on the bonds issue this week.

But it will still take a year before the lights will be operational. 

Is the city considering any other options for lighting the lights? 

Currently, Marfa lights are the only lights in the city that will be switched off when the sun sets.

It is expected that the city may choose to have more than one lighting system, and this is what will be done in the future. 

Can you take the lights back? 

You can take them back.

There is no fee for taking them back, and no installation of the new lights will need to take place. 

Why do you need the bonds? 

Because the bonds require the city to spend a certain amount of money to pay off the bonds, which have not been paid off yet.

The amount the city has to pay is currently $4.9 billion, but the bonds also require the bond issuers to give up $1.4 million in tax revenues. 

Does it cost too much? 

If you buy one of the light rails tickets, you are able to use the ticket to get on the train.

But the ticket is a little pricey.

If you are going to use them on the road, you’ll need to pay a fee for it. 

Have you considered getting the lights for free? 

Not currently.

There are plans to have the lights replaced for free with a loan from the bonds. 

Do you have any other ideas for future lighting upgrades? 

One of the goals of the project is to make Marfa more appealing to the urban-downtown area.

The City of Austin has recently announced that they will be installing streetlights in a downtown plaza.

That project is expected start in 2021. 

If Marfa is successful, the light system will replace over 500 light poles throughout the city by 2024.

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