Marfa lights up with Marfa Lights

The light installation at Marfa’s L’Arche restaurant has been hailed as a “dazzling” and “beautiful” sight.

A pair of LED lights are attached to the wall at the restaurant, which serves up the restaurant’s signature cuisine.

A series of five lights, each with a different color, were placed on a ceiling.

A photo posted by Marfa Laundry & Laundries (@marfalaundry) March 14, 2020The lights are part of the restaurant chain’s new “Dazzling Marfa” project, which will be installed over the next few weeks in the dining room.

The lighting is designed to enhance the ambiance and the atmosphere of the dining area.

The “Dancing Marfa,” which is part of MarfaLaundry, is part collaboration with Marfas new “Marfa Lager” series.

The restaurant will offer the marfa lager and the marfas famous “marfa sauce” in a range of flavours and styles.