What you need to know about the lights at the zoo

Here are some things you need know about what the zoo has to offer to visitors and the animals.


The Zoo has a zoo tour.

The zoo is known for having a great tour of its natural areas and you can see some of its animal exhibits including a zoo garden and a zoo museum.


The zoo offers free guided tours and tours for kids with special needs.


The zookeeper is a qualified zooskier.


There are more than 100 types of animals, from crocodiles to giraffes, giraffalas to zebras.


You can also get a glimpse of some of the zoo’s other attractions such as the penguin zoo.


The animals have the same general look as in their natural habitat and are very well cared for.


You’ll get a sense of the animals living in the zoo through the sounds of the giraffals and penguins.


You will be able to interact with the animals in the Zoo from a young child’s perspective.


The zoos natural environment includes a large area for the animals to run and play in. 10.

It is home to the famous giraffe named Cecil the Lion and a zebra named Kanga.


The giraffas are housed in a special section called the giraffe exhibit.


You won’t be able see any of the lions from outside the enclosure but you can visit the zoo and meet the girabes.


The lions are known to be very friendly and friendly animals.