A beautiful, colorful, and mysterious sunset with a mysterious and mysterious history

The moon rises over the Sydney Opera House on June 26, 2017 in Sydney, Australia.

This morning, a group of artists created a sunset for a group project called Candle Light, which was launched by Sydney artist and artist-in-residence, Kaj Alper, and artist Michael R. White.

The sunset was part of a project called “Moonlit” which aims to bring light to the city through the creation of an interactive installation.

“It’s been a while since I’ve worked on something like this,” Alper said.

He created the sunset from scratch in his studio, with help from white artist and illustrator Chris Ehrlich.

Alper said the idea for the sunset came to him after a night of photographing the city in the daytime, and seeing how the city lights would be affected by the moon.

Alper also collaborated with R.”

And we ended up with a bright, colorful sunset with some interesting characters.”

Alper also collaborated with R.

White to create a piece called the Black Light.

It was inspired by the iconic light that appeared in the famous scene from the film “The Shining,” which Alper describes as “an old, beautiful, iconic, and timeless story.”

“I think of the scene where [a man] is on the moon and he sees a light and he turns around and it’s just like a giant, big black, neon ball that’s going to fall on his head,” he explained.

White and Alper worked together to create the Black light.

The installation features six lanterns that illuminate the streets and are lit by candlelight.

White designed the lanterns and arranged them in a pattern, while Alper arranged the lantern bases in a fashion that mimics the lights that appear on the night of the night.

After the sunset, the participants are asked to sit on the streetlights to reflect the light onto themselves.

The participants then turn the lantern shades on their face and use their hands to light them.

They then light a candle on their heads to mark the end of the event.

Once the candle is lit, the lantern light is turned off, and the lights on the other lanterns are turned on again.

A few weeks later, the streetlight is back up and running.

And now, Alper says the project is coming together.

He is currently working on a book about the night sky and the nightlight.