Check engine light sparks off as bright blue light shines in northern lights

Check engine lights have been a constant fixture in the Northern Lights since their discovery on the night of February 14, 1926.

It was not until the mid-1930s that they were discovered by the National Geographic team and became a regular feature of nighttime movies.

While some experts believe that the lights were actually created by the sun, other observers believe that they are the result of radio waves or cosmic rays from stars.

In reality, the lights are an example of the natural phenomenon known as cosmic rays.

Cosmic rays are extremely energetic particles of matter that have traveled through space.

When a particle of matter is near a star, its energy is amplified, creating the blue light.

Although this is a natural phenomenon, cosmic rays can also cause serious health problems and even lead to cancer, according to NASA.

These natural phenomena are not the only source of cosmic rays, though.

The Southern Lights, as they are sometimes known, are the longest continuous stream of lights that are visible across the globe.

They appear in the sky at sunset, when the Earth’s atmosphere cools and the Earth turns to a reddish-orange glow.

As the Earth rotates in the opposite direction, it creates the bright light seen at sunset.

During this time, the sun shines brightly.

But when the moon appears in the southern hemisphere, it also shines brightly, creating a blue-white glow.

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