Electric cars: what you need to know

A car can run a certain amount of electricity and heat, but it’s not a generator or a power station.

It’s not even a motor.

It doesn’t need to generate the electricity to run its motor.

What it does need to do is run it.

So what’s the difference between an electric car and a petrol-powered car?

It depends on what you are driving and how you drive.

The petrol-electric cars The most common type of electric car is the plug-in hybrid (PIP).

It’s basically a diesel engine that runs on electricity from the grid and generates its own power.

The gas engine produces electricity, the batteries store the energy and the petrol engine turns it back into power.

This is known as a battery-electric car (BEV).

In this model, the electric motor is mounted on a frame that connects the battery to the engine and then the batteries are attached to the frame.

The battery’s size, weight and charge rate are all controlled by the battery and the electric motors electrical systems.

Electric cars are also called battery-powered cars, because they use electricity to charge batteries that run on electricity.

You could have a petrol car with a petrol engine that produces electricity.

The motor then generates electricity, and the electricity is used to drive the petrol car.

The electric motor has a range of about 30 miles.

You can drive from point A to point B in a petrol petrol car and the range will be about 70 miles.

In an electric electric car, you are not driving a motor at all.

There is no combustion, no combustion gases and no electricity is produced.

This means you are simply using electricity to generate a power source.

An electric car can also be a plug-ins hybrid.

It can run on batteries and then generate electricity.

These plug-ines are basically an internal combustion engine that uses electric motors to produce power.

In these types of cars, the motor runs on the battery itself, or the battery is connected to the motor.

The electricity from these electric motors can then be used to recharge the batteries and run the motor again.

This produces electricity for the electric car.

These cars are more common than petrol-driven cars, but they still have a large battery.

There are about 200,000 plug-inos in the world, about half of them powered by lithium batteries.

Plug-ins batteries are smaller and lighter than petrol batteries.

They last longer, they are more durable and have a longer range.

Electric motors can be controlled from an electronic controller inside the car.

There have been hybrid electric cars, such as those from Renault and BMW, but these have not been widely used.

Hybrid electric cars The biggest electric car on the road is the Renault Zoe, which has been around for a long time.

It has a 3.0-litre petrol engine and can go from 0 to 100km/h (62mph).

This means it can be driven at the speed of up to 80km/hr (49mph).

You can also drive the car in the rain, if the battery gets wet.

This allows you to go from a high-speed road to a low-speed one, and it’s very safe.

The Zoe has a fuel economy of 18.9mpg.

It is powered by a diesel motor, which is more powerful than petrol, and uses electricity to drive its electric motor.

You are driving a diesel car, not an electric motor, and so the engine doesn’t produce any emissions, unlike an electric vehicle.

The fuel cell is an electric generator that has a lithium battery, which stores the electricity that powers the engine.

It also provides the electrical energy for the battery.

The diesel engine produces the power for the car’s battery, while the electric battery uses the energy from the battery for powering the electric drive.

This generates electricity that is then used to charge the battery, and to power the electric vehicle’s motor.

Electric motor The electric car uses electricity generated by an electric engine to produce its own electricity.

When you turn the engine off, the petrol fuel cells are drained of their energy, and they simply store the excess energy as electricity.

This power can then flow into the electric engine and the generator.

If you start the engine again, the energy stored in the batteries is released and the car can go up to about 60km/hour (37mph).

Plug-in electric cars can be powered by any combination of batteries, and you can have as many as 10 or more battery types.

In the Renault-Nissan Leaf, there are four battery types: the Leaf, the Range Rover and the Plug-In hybrid.

The Leaf is the most commonly used electric car in Britain.

The range is 30 miles, and this is achieved by using a mixture of fuel cells, battery packs and a charger to power it.

The Range Rover has a 60 mile range and is also the most common electric car of all.

It comes with a battery pack that can store between 5 and

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