How to avoid becoming a victim of the Marfa lights

A Texas man was shocked to see the lights of his town flash by his home.

The lights were on for a couple of minutes Thursday night when a neighbor called to report the lights were coming through the fence.

“They were kind of bright,” neighbor Tim Kneebone told ABC affiliate KPRC.

“I mean, what can you say?”

Kneebones family lives just off the highway where the lights are.

His wife had just returned from a vacation.

“The lights turned on.

They were flashing like fireworks,” Kneede said.

The neighbor thought it was a firecracker or something.

He went to the next-door neighbor’s house to get more information and found the lights still on.

“I called the fire department and they said, ‘We’re just going to go and try to get the lights fixed, but the lights on your fence aren’t going to turn on until we get there,'” Kneestebs son said.

Kneede was so upset that he posted a message on Facebook asking if anyone could help.

“There were so many people in that community,” Knaebone said.

“It was so close to my home.”

Fire crews arrived at the scene and knocked down the lights, but there was no sign of arson.

Neighbors said they saw a group of people driving around the area and trying to set up the lights.

The owner of the home was at work and his wife was at home, Kneeden said.

The owner told ABC News he doesn’t have any information on who might be responsible.KNEEDBEBES: It was just a beautiful day and it’s been a beautiful weekend and we have all this excitement for what the summer will bring.

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