New lights installed at California state capitol to help with coronavirus outbreak

SAN FRANCISCO — A new state law will allow California to install solar panels on the capitol dome to help combat the coronaviruses coronaviral and cold-related deaths.

The bill passed by the California Senate on Thursday would require the state’s Department of Water Resources to install the panels by December.

The new solar panels would be able to store about 50 percent more energy than the existing solar panels at the caporums existing storage facilities, which would make it cheaper to install and maintain the panels.

The solar panels, which could cost anywhere from $5,000 to $8,000 per watt, will be able give off about 20 percent less heat than existing solar power plants and provide up to 10 percent less CO2, according to the legislation.

Solar panels installed on the state caporum, located on the west side of the Capitol, will also be able emit a lot less CO 2 than existing systems.

The California Department of Natural Resources has already started installing solar panels.

It is installing about 30 panels in the Capitol and will have another 25 installed by the end of 2019.

The panels, along with solar thermal power, will provide power to the state for about $6 billion annually.

The money is earmarked for projects that could reduce the CO2 emissions from the state.

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