Red light therapy: It’s a scam, but it works

The idea that red light therapy is a scam is not a new one.

According to a 2012 report by the nonprofit Consumers Union, a group that fights for consumer rights, over half of all red light citations issued by the U.S. go to drivers who were not ticketed for their red lights.

The report also noted that nearly half of the drivers who tested positive for red light signaling in the past two years were not the ones driving, according to a 2014 study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

But a new study from researchers at Johns Hopkins University finds that red-light violations are not the only type of red-lighting ticket that’s being issued.

Researchers from the university’s Bloomberg School of Public Health and the National Center for Health Statistics found that the majority of red light tickets in the U, and in other developed countries, are for speeding.

The study also found that most of the tickets issued were for violations that were not caught on video, which was often the case.

A third of the violations involved the use of red lights as part of a routine, low-speed maneuver.

“It’s a form of public shaming,” said Mary A. Lopes, a professor of public health and public health policy at Johns Johns Hopkins.

“There’s an expectation that we are not going to be smart enough to see the red lights.”

In the study, researchers asked more than 200,000 people to report speeding tickets and then compared the ticket numbers to their driving histories.

The researchers found that of the 1,000 speeding tickets given in the study last year, nearly 60 percent of them were for a violation that wasn’t caught on camera, and only 17 percent of those were for red lights, or at least a warning.

Of those 17 percent, nearly half were for speeding, according the study.

Lanes said that the red light laws in the United States are often perceived as a kind of traffic enforcement.

But Lopes said that a red light is a signal that an intersection is a dangerous place.

“The law should be designed so that people can see clearly,” she said.

Lodes said that red lights have a negative effect on drivers and other pedestrians.

“If you’re on the sidewalk and you see the light, you’re going to stop and turn around,” she added. L.A. Times

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