What do you need to light up your Christmas tree?

A holiday tradition that is as old as Christmas itself is about to get a new, shiny and stylish way to light it up.

The National Christmas Tree Association has unveiled its latest lighting innovations, including the installation of pools of red and white LEDs to light the tree.

The bulbs are designed to complement the trees iconic Christmas lights, which can be seen from the windows of many commercial buildings.

“Christmas is an event that is held in the heart of the country and we want to bring that excitement to the Christmas tree,” said Mark Taylor, president and CEO of the National Christmas Trees Association.

The association’s Christmas tree lighting campaign is slated to begin in Toronto in December and will continue through New York City and Washington, D.C. “We’ve seen the benefits that Christmas lighting has on the environment and on people’s health,” Taylor said.

The organization’s annual tree lighting event is scheduled to be held at Toronto’s Civic Auditorium, with a selection of the best lights.

For the Toronto event, the bulbs will be mounted on top of the trees’ iconic Christmas trees, and the lights will be lit by more than 1,500 fans.

The lighting will also be a part of the event’s festivities, including a free concert featuring a special performance of the “Christmas Carol.”

“It’s great to see more lighting choices available and to have this year’s lighting trend continuing on the tree,” Taylor told the CBC.

“This year, we’ve been seeing a lot of new innovations in lighting.

This year’s theme is ‘Christmas Lights’ and it’s about using these new lights for the holiday season and helping to spark a new generation of people.”

This is the second year that the association has come up with new lighting ideas, following last year’s Christmas lights campaign.

In 2016, the association introduced the first LED tree lighting system in the United States.

In Canada, the organization’s lighting system was inspired by the lights of the U.S. city of Chicago.

The lights are located on a tree on top, and are made of LEDs that are arranged in concentric rings, making them look like lights, said Taylor.

The LED lights were inspired by a Chicago city tree, but are much smaller and lighter than the typical Christmas lights.

In the U: New lighting ideas for Christmas in 2017, the National Tree Association introduced LED tree lights, a special type of lighting that can be purchased by the tree itself.

These are made from solid-state LED bulbs and require no batteries to operate.

“These are the most efficient, reliable, eco-friendly, and energy efficient lighting options available to the tree industry,” Taylor added.

The Christmas lights are installed with a range of different colors and patterns, including red and green, orange and yellow, and white.

“In 2017, our lights are made with energy-efficient materials, using an LED chip and an LED fixture, and have a range and quality that’s similar to the trees,” said Taylor, who added that the lights are not just for Christmas, but for any holiday.

“The Christmas lights have a rich tradition that goes back over 100 years and have been a big part of our Christmas traditions in Canada.”

This year, the lights have also been designed to compliment the trees famous Christmas lights that are located inside the buildings.

In 2017, Toronto’s City Hall announced that it would be adding LED lights to its city’s Christmas trees.

These Christmas lights will feature bright colors and will be located on the top of buildings, such as on the roof of City Hall.

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