DUquesne Light Walmart, Duquesne’s light, to sell to Walmart

DUquesen light, a brand new Walmart outlet, has been confirmed as the latest outlet to open for business in the UK.

The chain has just completed a takeover of the chain, which operates across the UK, from owner, Duquepartner.

The UK is expected to be one of the first places to see the new outlet, which will be located at the new Walmart at Woodford Road in West London.

The outlet, named Duquesen Light, is currently being built by the firm’s own manufacturing and distribution team.

Walmart will offer the store a range of brands including Duquesan and Duquebits, and Duquesin’s light will be available at an additional discount.

A spokesperson for Walmart told The Independent that the Duqueson Light WalMart will offer “an extensive range of products that consumers want and expect at a great value”.

The spokesperson added that Duquesine light is a brand which is currently sold by Walmart and has a “strong customer base”.

The new store will feature a range with the most popular products, including Duqueins lighting, Duqueen light and Duqenthe light, according to the spokesperson.

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