Google’s new Traffic Light system will work in all Google cars

Google has unveiled a new system for traffic light detection and a way for cars to recognise traffic lights.

The company is working on a system called Traffic Light Detection for Autonomous Vehicles (TLAD).

Google announced the new technology on its developer blog today, and said it will be available to developers “soon”.

Google says TLAD will work with “any vehicle” and will work for any light with a green indicator, as well as for the red and amber lights on the road.

Google says it will add a number of new features to TLAD, including a “new option” to allow cars to change lanes, and a “detection mode” that “provides real-time feedback on the vehicle”.

The company says TLADS will be “in addition to existing detection features”, but will be used “in combination with other traffic light systems to provide safer driving and help to avoid collisions”.

Google is also adding “previous traffic light signals to existing lane markings” to help with the “accuracy of traffic signal information”.

Google’s announcement comes days after the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) asked the tech giant to remove its TLAD technology from the Google Maps app.

The FTC’s complaint against Google for not disclosing its TLADS system to the public and failing to disclose it in the way that it could have been included in Google’s Maps app prompted Google to add the TLADS option to the Maps app in January.

Google did not respond to a request for comment at the time.

Google’s TLAD feature is similar to one that Google announced earlier this year.

The system is called Traffic Detection for Vehicles with Automatic Intelligent Traffic Signals (TDIS), and works similar to the Traffic Light System for Auto-Pilot.

It is currently available on all Google vehicles in the US, including those that are in Europe and Asia.

TDIS will also be added to some of Google’s more exotic cars.

Google will also release a new version of the Traffic Signal Detection software later this year, which will be called Traffic Signal Identification (TSI).

It will be compatible with existing TLAD features.

Google said TLADS has “the potential to help reduce the frequency and severity of traffic accidents” and “to make traffic signal detection safer for drivers and for the communities that rely on traffic signal technology”.

Google said the TLAD software will be rolled out over the next two to three years, and will “provide an enhanced and more accurate signal for the millions of vehicles on the roads every day”.

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