Trump says he’s considering ending Medicare Part D coverage

President Donald Trump said Thursday he’s discussing ending the nation’s health care program for the poor, which has long been a sticking point for Democrats.

But Trump told the Financial Times that he hasn’t decided yet and that the issue is “not one of urgency.”

He said he has spoken with the president of the United States about Medicare and other issues, but it’s “not something that’s on the table right now.”

The president has called the program “the most expensive in the world,” saying it’s the single largest cause of the nation being broke and that he’s “very happy” to be able to provide affordable coverage to more Americans.

Trump said the Medicare Part B prescription drug benefit is “just not working,” adding, “I’m not the one that’s supposed to be making the decisions about that.”

Trump’s proposal would allow Medicare to cover the cost of prescription drugs in a program that’s mostly financed by taxes on wealthy Americans.

Medicare pays 85% of the costs for drugs under the program, but most Americans would have to pay a higher copayment for some drugs.

Trump said the program has become “a nightmare” because it’s been “overpriced” and “a disaster.”

“This program is simply not working for the vast majority of people,” Trump said.

“We’re spending billions of dollars, and yet our health care costs are skyrocketing.”

He also proposed to allow seniors to purchase health insurance on their own terms and without a co-pay.

Trump has promised to scrap Obamacare’s requirement that older Americans buy health insurance or face a tax penalty.

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