A Blue Light Glasses-style closet lighting setup could save you thousands of dollars on your electricity bill

A couple of months ago, I had the honor of taking part in the first ever Green Lantern: Green Lantern Corps: A Light in the Darkness podcast.

I interviewed the creators of the show, as well as their amazing green lanterns.

I asked the team how they came up with their lighting setups and, after some deliberation, they chose a pair of blue light filters. 

I was excited to hear that their filters were a good match for the lanterns that the show is based on, so I asked them to explain how they used the filters to create their lanterns in the podcast. 

They said that the filters were actually part of a larger strategy that they had been using for quite some time.

They say that they wanted to be able to give their Lanterns a more personal touch, and this is where the filters come into play. 

“In the beginning, we did not have any light sources in our homes,” the team explained.

“Our Lanterns use the lantern lights as a light source for themselves.

It was only after we started the show that we realized that we could make the Lanterns glow in the dark by using filters.” 

This was actually something that the team had been doing for a while, and was a great way to get the Lantern into their lantern lights.

“We used a large amount of filters for the Lantern to be in their lantern, and it was really hard to use a single filter because we wanted the Lantern’s light to be unique,” the creators said.

“So we started experimenting with different filters.”

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