How to spot the Trump campaign’s fake ads and other digital tricks

Politico — The Trump campaign has been using a new tactic to get its messages across on social media: using ads to amplify messages that have already been posted to Facebook and other platforms.

In an effort to drive a more relevant message, the campaign has taken to buying and promoting ads from several major social media platforms.

Some of the ads, which are targeted at specific demographics, were published in The Hill on Wednesday, a piece that has been critical of the Trump camp for its reliance on paid advertising and fake news.

Some of the new ads were posted by the Trump team on Wednesday morning, as it was starting to clear the air on the election.

The ads, some of which have been verified as authentic, show people holding signs reading “Stop Hillary Clinton” and “Vote Trump.”

One ad, featuring a young girl in a pink hat, said, “I’m not voting for Hillary.

I’m voting for Donald Trump.”

Another ad, with a man in a Trump hat reading, “Vote Donald Trump” and holding a sign that reads, “We are all one.”

The Hill’s piece is critical of Trump for using the ads to make the case for his campaign.

The article was shared by a group of Twitter users and highlighted by The Hill, the website’s parent company.

The ads are a way to amplify Trump messages that are already in the trending topic areas of Facebook and Twitter.

The Trump team also purchased ads on The Hill that have been seen on other news outlets, including The Washington Post.

In addition, Trump has paid to have people who post content that is posted on The Washington Times and The Huffington Post write the Trump-focused articles.

But the ads are not being used in an effort by the campaign to promote specific messages.

Instead, they are being used to help spread the Trump message through the trending topics and to promote Trump content that has already been published on the sites.

“The Trump campaign is using Facebook and others to amplify the Trump brand, including the fake news,” said Scott Reed, senior vice president of social media at The Hill.

“The Trump camp is trying to get as much of the attention as possible, and these are the platforms that have done the most for Trump in the last couple of months.”

For a campaign that has spent $10 million on digital advertising, the Trump ads appear to be a small part of a much larger effort.

Last month, The Hill reported that the Trump Organization spent nearly $5 million on online ads during the election cycle.

The campaign paid $100,000 to buy and post ads on Facebook in February, according to a review of campaign finances from The Hill last year.

That same month, the White House hired an advertising firm, which is now being paid $30,000 a month to help it advertise on social platforms.

Trump has also used Facebook ads to push his campaign messages, including on social justice issues, the birther controversy, and the need to bring jobs back to the United States.

Trump has not been shy about pushing fake news and misinformation.

On Thursday, he shared a video on Facebook of him holding up a fake sign, which said “I voted for Hillary Clinton,” and the words “Vote Hillary.”

The video shows a man wearing a suit and a white shirt, holding up what looks like a Clinton sign.

The sign, however, has no name on it.

In the video, the man says, “No, Hillary, I voted for Donald Trumps Trump.”

Trump has repeatedly called the Clintons a “liar.”

Trump himself called her “crooked Hillary.”

Trump has said he did not vote in the election, and has also been critical about the Democratic nominee, saying he did it to avoid the political repercussions of his comments.

The president also tweeted on Tuesday that he would “definitely be voting for Trump” if he is elected president.

Trump did not respond to The Hill’s request for comment about his use of the “Vote Bernie” ads.

Trump is expected to take the reins at the Whitehouse after he leaves office.

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