Bud Light Seltzer Gets $7.99 Beer in India

By Vijay Kumar By | 06/11/2016 09:00:00Today we’ve got the Bud Light Seltzer in India, which we’re sure you’ve never heard of.

It’s an interesting little beverage that’s sold in India as Bud Light in India and has been dubbed Bud Light India (BJDII).

The Seltzzer is a beer that is brewed in the Seltzers home country of Canada, but is made in the United States and then imported into India.

It is a light, slightly sour beer, so it’s a little like a mild beer.

It contains about 10% alcohol by volume (ABV), which makes it a good choice for drinking in India.

The Seltzie is a slightly darker, sweeter beer, which contains about 8% alcohol and is not very sweet.

If you want a light beer, this one’s for you.

If you’re interested in the Bud Lights Seltze, you can check out the official Bud Light website or check out some of the reviews here.